Being Concerned

Sometimes I feel quite weird, because I do not understand myself – this happens on various occasions, but I will just discuss one today. It´s about tech. I am almost obsessed about tiny, mobile devices that are said to be helpful, particulary those that run Linux (or are able to run Linux). To put it in other words: I like everything from smartphones to netbooks, and you can guess that I am pretty exited about all the stuff that will be presented at CES in Las Vegas the next days.
Now you might ask: Ok, you´ re a nerd (or geek or whatever), but what´ s the problem? Well, I find that there is some kind of contradiction in my behaviour, it is not all logic, and I worry about that. “Now, what the h*** are you talking about, weirdo?” you might ask. Well, I am concerned about ecology, waste, and climate change. That whole Greenpeace stuff, if you want so. I really am. I even try to avoid producing waste, and I do so every day, every time I go to the supermarket. I am so concerned I stopped using the heater while the window is open. But I don´ t care, as soon it is about mobile computing – if there is a device I want to have and can afford, I will buy it – even if I don´ t really need it.

Knowing what I worry about, you may think: That´ s normal, one is acting irrational sometimes – just relax. And the likelihood is pretty high that you are right. So I guess I just have to let go.