Going on

This post might be nonsense, I am afraid, as there is not much I could write about. My day was rather boring, I woke up late, got a new hat (rather a cap) and won in Monopoly against my little brother and my father – it was just one of these days that are full of relaxing and reading, a nice day at my parents house.
Now why do I write this? It is all about going on. I must not stop writing frequently, because after a while without a post I usually almost happened to forget about my own websites, which have mostly been blogs the past five years. In fact, before starting this, I had three blogs, and I will in a way merge two of these into this, among other content. No, I won´ t move over the old stuff I wrote to have huge archives – but I will announce on at least the one of these blogs (the tech one) that I do write here about the same topics and finally abandon these blogs, that have been mostly abandonned the past half year anyway.

That´s it for today. See you again tomorrow, dear non existing readers!