Weekly linmob round up (7): 2 days late and not much to tell, again

First a short rip off from “linmob” on identi.ca:

A small device, BeagleBoard based, with a inbuilt projector and a laser keyboard. Interesting.

If this ever becomes really useable, OpenMoko users will be able to show off their devices again.

Motorola A1210 for China: TI OMAP 850, runs “homegrown Linux”.
Bet it’s made by E28 (?), like the A810.

Linux 2.6.29 is out, runs fine on my notebook :-) ..

OpenSource gaming handheld “Pandora” apparently being ready soon…

Well, that’s what I believe to be the most interesting stuff.

And as I don’t have time for the boring stuff now, so see you on next saturday.