Tomato Sauce (Or: Cooking)

Let´s be honest: I sort of hate cooking. There was a time when this was different, but I don´t want to tell one of these long boring stories of the past. Ok. I dislike cooking, but I hate spending much money on food when I eat all alone, you can´t eat canteen food all the time, you can´t eat doner kebab all the time as well and it´s the same with pizza. If you´d ask me what I like best, rice, noodles or potatoes, I would always say noodles. Noodles with some great italian sauce (or pesto) and parmigiano.

Being a lazy cooker, there is a problem: Cooking a great sauce takes time, requires some ingredients and isn´t that easy. So over the years I tried a bunch of ready made sauces. Many of them, pricy or not, were disappointing. Lately I stumbled upon Saclà´s Originale Napoletana. Wow. I can´t describe it, you have to give it a try. It was so good, that I write about this, even though they don´t pay me for that. And you know, my dear readers: The only thing I am lazier at than cooking is blogging ;-)