One more phone for GNU/Linux

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KDE and Necuno Solutions today announced a new open source GNU/Linux smartphone that is supposed to be running a Plasma Mobile based interface. Based on the FreeScale/NXP i.MX6 SoC, which is quite dated, this thing certainly reminds me (in terms of the hardware) of what Purism initially intended to deliver. All in all, while I am interested, I will just patiently wait if this project will ever deliver anything: The software isn’t there, the hardware does not seem to be totally defined yet. Smells like vapourware to me.

(Actually, I find the PinePhone more interesting, although the same concerns plus additional ones due to the SoC apply there, too.)

VIA: liliputing

Qt for Android

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With Nokia dropping its great sounding, not too well delivered platform strategy which was heavily Qt (a software that was called a toolkit years ago and now is more than this) based in favour of Windows Phone 7, there were lots of people asking what would be the future of Qt now. With Intel continuing to support MeeGo and the fact that Qt is a great platform to create software that works natively on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux – and we shouldn´ t forget about the K Desktop Environment here – there is one more indicator that makes a survival of Qt within or without Nokia more likely, no matter what happens to the Qt unit within Microsoft´s new puppet: An enthusiast, Bogdan Vatra, announced a Qt port to todays dominating mobile platform, Android. It´s named Necessitas Suite.

Necessitas at sourceforge

Annoucement in the Android-Qt google group

Via: Slashdot: First alpha of Qt for Android released