Google has made the Chromebook more affordable recently, making it the first mass market ARM Cortex A15 device. I will try to get one (and explain why later), but here is a really great commercial.

Android 4.0 – What you should read!

 It’s the evening, but I don’t quite have the mind to write a lot regarding Android 4.0, it’s hard to say anything before having used it, anyway.

So I am just sharing some links, which you should definitely check out.

This not much, but the rest is essentially redundant information. Wait for my thoughts on the Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 tomorrow.

Google Buys Motorola Mobility – A Comment

It´s been a while since my last post here (over a month in fact), and this post won´t be that great – apologies for that.

Almost everybody shared their feelings and thoughts on the fact that Google announced it´s willingness to buy Motorola Mobility 12.500.000.000USD, and I have to share my 2 cents on that, too.

I think that this deal makes perfect sense. Motorola Mobility hasn´t been doing too well, and they have been  Android only in the smartphone markets – despite that, they are a US company, just as Google, so integration (I doubt that the brand “Motorola” will vanish) won´t be that problematic. While many users certainly hope for Google to change Motorolas software team as people haven´t been all that happy with Motoblur and Motorola ´s slow Android updates (if any), this is not why this is happening. It should be a well known fact that Android has many enemies out there, partly due to its relatively open nature, partly due to its blazing success. Patent fights are going on, and the thing is: Google doesn´t have that many patents, as it´s not that long in the mobile OS business. Motorola on the other side has loads of patents as it has always been busy to patent things, in fact, as Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha recently uttered, Motorola was even planing to use their patent portfolio to make some money, e.g. by sueing other Android device makers.

This exactly is the reason why the other Android device manufacturers almost like the fact, that Google is aquiring Motorola Mobility, as it protects them. Google, on the other hand, will, while certainly interested in a profitable and flourishing Motorola Mobility, not use their new hardware division to get other companies like LG, HTC or Samsung out of the market; as they are interested in maximising Androids market share.

Instant Noodles

Sorry, no further impressions in the Palm Pre I learned to use and love before WebOS 2.0 which will make a good thing even better – just a few lines on a new Google service.

I`ve been using Google services for years, and I am not planning to stop doing that, even though I never found Google Wave particulary helpful and prefer twitter over Google Buzz. My aging Android handset will be replaced by a newer one when I think it has to be replaced, and, yeah, Google Mail is the best free mail service I ever used.

Now Google is coming up with something new that might will change the world of searching the web and thus SEO, and as I am involved in some projects, that focus on SEO, I almost have to watch this new thing very carefully. Google Instant maybe what I always waited for but was afraid of at the same time. It might make SEO that doesn´t deliver the best content (not only cheap, keyword heavy content mixed page ranking enhancing linkbuilding) totally useless and help us all to find what we are really looking for, while killing some simple business models, that were based on leading people somewhere they don´t want to go.

Panic might be wrong though, even though business models have to be rethought properly – the diffusion of innovations always takes its time.