Empfehlungen der Woche (1)

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This is not a thursdays thing, that’s why I do it on thursdays.

The Verge: Small Empires 010: Squarespace
This is the first episode of “Small Empires” I really watched, because Squarespace is one of the few web companies I really admire, even though I didn’t really realise that they are around when I read on BinaryBonsai.

fefes blog: Die Arbeitsgruppe “Digitale Agenda” der Großen Koalition …Treffender Kommentar zu den “allen Schülern ein Smartphone”-Plänen der angehenden GroKo. Noch dazu von einem, der gewiss kein “Technikfeind” ist…

There would be more, but I consider these enough for now.