Still alive.

Last saturday I finished a writeup on the iPad and its impact on the publishing industry for vocational school. Vocational school? Yeah, in early 2010 I finally realized that my studies in Kiel weren’t going anywhere, and so I quitted doing that and started investigating options. There are always more options than you could have imagined while you were still stuck in your old life, and so I managed to score a traineeship at an important and well known publishing house in Munich. Starting this traineeship was the best decision in my life, yet, even though it’s not yet clear where I will work past July.

But let’s get back to the writeup, it has been fun, even though finishing it has been a little bit stressful, and I would like to extend it a little more, as 15 pages filled with about 6000 words aren’t enough to my liking. In fact I think that this could actually lead to a book – and in the course to that larger text, I will publish little parts of my research here, in english. Thus, I will have to translate myself, but that’s always a good training.

I am really looking forward to reviving this blog, and having worked in the editorial office lately, I will finally deliver the book reviews promised long ago. Stay tuned.