Hope in a Crisis

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I felt certain that this virus would spread around the globe when I first heard of its rather long incubation period and the fact that it could feel just like a cold. That must have been in late December or early to mid January. I remember thinking: Why don’t they halt air travel from Asia, especially from China?

Of course, I can’t prove any of the above, but does it matter? The overwhelming majority of western nations are in total crisis mode. People are dying, left and right. German scientists boast that Germany is doing so great with testing, but still you coudn’t really get a test two weeks ago, if you just had symptoms but weren’t a likely case because you weren’t in a dangerous area or have been in close contact with someone infected. There must be quite the Dunkelziffer.1

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  1. Number of unreported cases. []

Tizen on real world hardware

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(via Tizen on Samsung Galaxy SII HD – Gallery, Live Call and Video)

This is an impressive demo of Tizen on real world hardware, aka the Galaxy SII HD LTE which is available in the shops in South Korea and the USA. Don’t be mistaken by the Galaxy SII branding – this device has a 4.65” Super Amoled HD (1280x720px) (just like the Galaxy Nexus) and is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 chip – in fact, resolution and SoC are similar to the Sony XPERIA S.

BTW, the HP Touchpad uses a close relative of this SoC (almost the same, but no GSM/3.5G hardware) this performance seems even more impressive – if the TouchPad had performed this well, it likely wouldn’t have failed so badly.