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Fefes Blog feiert 10. Geburtstag (mit einer Vielzahl an Gastbeiträgen).

Auch ich bedanke mich herzlich für viele Jahre guter Unterhaltung, und auch die Information zu ernsten Themen. Die Mischung ist großartig, das Design der Webseite ist “simplicity at its best” – auf die nächsten 10 Jahre.

Marco Arment on Google and Blogs

When I realized how well Google ranked Blogs running WordPress with very little optimization in 2006, I was amazed and also surprised. Yes, there were some great blogs, but this way of ranking also jazzed up not so great blogs, including my own.
In 2015, or rather since July 1st, 2013 this has changed, as Marco Arment points out:
Marco.org | Google and blogs: “Shit.”

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Reviving linmob!

This place [linmob] has been silent for about 10 months – but now it is being revived. It´s not that I didn´t blog about tech, I did (at my personal blog brimborium.net) but that didn´t work out to well, I was really lazy over there.

A few days ago I suddenly remembered this old blog and started with repairing it´s layout, which had been broken for quite a long time – and then decided that it would be fun to start “blogging” again, and as I´ ve still been publishing little stupid stories at another place, I realized that the “blogging” I had in mind was techblogging. So linmob had to be revived, because this has been the place where I published quite a some tech related things – just for fun.

I am not yet sure how this will turn out, it´s possible that I will stop writing here in a year or half a year – I will try to do a good job and thus follow an edititorial plan, which might kill the fun – but doing something without a concept just doesn´t feel good to me.

First of all there will be some crossposts from brimborium – I call it filling the gap.

More on the plans i have may follow later on.

This is a crossposting. brimborium.net will survive this, don´t worry.