More Podcast Appearances: Nerdzoom and Schnapszahlbrothers

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Once again I was allowed to take part in the recording of an episode of the NerdZoom Podcast, which hopefully is an entertaining and informative listening if you care about nerdism and Linux on smartphones. Big thanks to Marius and Max for having me!

Also, on the 11th of November I launched a podcast with my brother called “Schnapszahlbrothers”1, which will have 11 episodes in total (for this first season), being released on the 11th and 22nd of each month.

Unfortunately, both formats are recorded in german language. But I might… no, no spoilers.

  1. Rough translation “repdigit brothers”, “Schnaps” is “booze” in english, “zahl” is “number” or “digit”. []

Recorded Call 1.

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Leider ist die Audiodatei dieses Podcasts verlorengegangen. Immerhin: Kein großer Verlust.

Eulenboxen: Recorded Call: 1. – Skype. Der erste “Recorded Call” mit Marcel.

A german podcast in horrible audio quality – first attempt at doing this.


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“Brimborium” is a German word that can be loosely translated to “something with no meaning or value”.