Still searching for a new laptop – Win a Samsung NC20 on!

I wrote about this earlier – and I didn´ t get any closer. There even was a short period where I was thinking about getting a tablet – but after looking at price points and battery runtimes, I was able to focus again on the 13.3” – 15.6” laptops.

Among the ones I really like are: The Lenovo R400/R500 – available rather cheap as barely used (Demopool) units, Dell Latitude E6400/E6500 – both really nice (backlit keyboard) but too expensive and then still Acers TravelMate Timelines.
But to be honest: That´ s not the reason for writing this. I want to win a subnotebook (the VIA Nano powered Samsung NC20) and therefore I have to tell you about a contest on the german netbook centric blog (for those of my few readers that do not speak german, check out, run by the same guy) – and it is a pleasure to do so.
Actually I met Sascha Pallenberg, the founder of both sites, at CeBIT earlier this year and after talking to him I can asure you: He really knows what he is writing/talking about, and besides being competent, he is a very nice chap – a non arrogant “Netbook King”.
If you want to win that NC20, just check out – until November 15, 2009
Auf gibt es noch bis zum 15. November ein Samsung NC20 zu gewinnen – ein Subnotebook mit VIA Nano CPU. Wenn man über das Gewinnspiel schreibt (Blog, Forum), kann man zudem eine 64GB RunCore SSD gewinnen. Um teilzunehmen, schaut euch die Teilnahmeregeln auf NetbookNews an – und am besten nicht nur die, denn wenn ihr euch für Netbooks oder (mit Einschränkungen) auch für “mobile computing” im Allgemeinen interessiert, ist NetbookNews eine sehr gute Informationsquelle.