New stuff…

No, it´s not that i have got working W-Lan on my A910 now, but I have got some other news:
This weekend I managed to try out OpenMoko on my A780 via ezx-boot-usb. Works nicely.
And I just bought some new stuff yesterday, some christmas presents for myself: An E680i (i wanted to have this phone since i saw it for the first but it was so hard to get one. And I got myself a new A910, i really don´t understand why these phones are that cheap – with shipping this one will cost me 25 GBP, that´s around 35€, a price you can only get defected Siemens´ and ugly old Nokias for – normally.

Well, OK, Wifi still doesn´t work for browsing. But it will someday.
Maybe you´re asking yourselves, why did this guy buy another one? Well, the outer display of my old one broke without me doing anything. But the rest still works, and so i´m thinking of a donation to OpenEZX project, if they want to have it. I tried to boot some zImages for A1200 and E2, always green screen (except with one image by Alex Zhang), always kernel panic. But i´m not sure, whether my memory card is really working properly, as I was unable to access it from PC yesterday (Win XP, but some errors under Linux, too). Would be really great to have a booting free kernel. Maybe we have and I was to stupid, I´ll try again today or tomorrow…
I think I´ll finally have to setup some crosscompiling toolchain or whatever they call it.

But unfortunately:
The Ubuntu-USBNET bug isn´t fixed yet, I looking for another (live-)distribution (building a new kernel didn´t help), at least I can access my A780 via usbppp. I´ll try to install leoppp on my A910, too – if it works, that´d be enough for the moment.