Motorola Sholes Bootloader Key Discovered

Today must be a great day. I am on the road and try to do mobile blogging with my Palm Pre Plus. While changing trains I started the beta release of the Carbon twitter client, and what did I stumble upon? 

Finally there is a bootloader key for the Motorola Sholes Platform (aka Milestone, if I am not totally wrong, phandroid pictures a Verizon Droid X though) – as most current Motorola smartphones are built around Texas Instruments OMAP 3 SoCs this could mean that several phones can get real Custom ROMs soon.
So if you are like me and like Motorolas hardware (Milesone(2), Defy, Flipout) but are turned of by the software these smartphones ship with (which has been described as buggy – and Motorola is slow at fixing and lazy at supplying later Android iterations) or already have a Motorola device- your problems may be fixed soon.

Sholes signing key leak explained

What’s really funny about this whole story is that it was the unresponsiveness of Motorola’s support that led to this leak – the hacker that discovered the weakness alerted them 3 months ago.

Looks like we all got trolled here. It just was a hoax.