Finally I made it and saw this James Cameron movie called “Avatar”. A true masterpiece of animation (even though I didn´t see it in 3D – some scenes must be really frightening in 3D as they even made me moving watching it in 2D) is what comes two my mind first, trying to summarize what I saw, though I have to admit that I don´t know much about animation – nontheless: I liked what I saw. I am rather into stories, I read them, I write them, I tell them in my spare time.

Well, from what I remember of “Titanic”´s storyboard (the only other James Cameron movie I ever saw/enjoyed and remember) I have to say that I feel like it is similar in a way – in fact many other movies are. Not that this would be a bad point, but what do we have? An impossible love story. And beyond this modern society is criticized, but you will rather remember the love story than this criticism.

But of course there are differences, there have to be. I rather don´t blather about Titanic‘ now, because I didn´t watch that one in years and might mix things up – I have to stick to “Avatar”. It is the dream of a discovery of another civilization, which might be inferior at a first, technology centric look, but will turn out by far superior in its spirituality, happiness and wisdom. While the invaders have messed up their own planet and culture, the invaded have a feeling for their surroundings, they live in a perfect symbiosis with their environment, that are really attached to it. We´ve all read this more than once, it is the story of the invaded paradise. It is the story of invaders, who just see the money they can make and are willing to destroy holy places, homes and habitats that are really unique – unlike that ‘uniqueness’ you bullshit about in business.
Yeah, maybe it is this back to the roots, back to mother earth destiny thing, the feeling that we are so far away from perfect harmony, that depresses today’s mass societies. ‘”Avatar” is addressing all this, but not in a way that could really make people a lot more aware. It is not a movie that will revolutionize the world. It has just some impact on the movie aesthetics, art and business. There is this love story ruining all that´s beyond it, but certainly in a very nice way.