Why do they always deliver crap?

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Sounds bad. But if you ask me, it´s even worse. What the h*** he is talking about? Right. Linux software stacks.

There are some companys out there, that are selling Linux powered phones. I know the results of this for Motorola and E28, and, if you want me to be honest, they didn´t their best.
No SDK, weird platforms… But why?

Some people say, they do it like that, because the operators want it like that. Ok, maybe. But: It´s possible to install software on mobile phones powered by Windows Mobile or Symbian.
So what is the reason to cripple nice hardware with a bad software stack, as there are other ways to go (as FIC/OpenMoko and maybe Android show)?
Maybe it´s to hide insecurities. Or incompetence.

We should really free these phones.

(I was angry while writing this…)

It´s there

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The E2831 arrived today morning.
It´s a really thin and light phone, nice to hold in your hand, fingerprinty.
The hardware´s OK, the software… well, it is nice software, somehow, but it´ll be really difficult to install additional software to start in gui.
But there is something, that is even worse: I´m unable to telnet it (up to now at least) – and because of this I´m unable to unlock it.

I believe that an alternative software stack for this device should be relatively easy to create, as QTopia supports the inbuild OMAP730 – and the kernel support should be good as well. Only problem: I´m unable to do it, as I am no hacker.


Another device

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Well, I´m pretty sure that you´re able to guess, what i did.
I just got my self another Linux-based cellphone.
Yes, it supports WLan.
Correct, it is the E28 E2831.

It isn´t here yet, I assume it is on it´s way to me from france.
Needless to mention I´m exited.

Having had a first look on the devices firmware, I have to say, that applications development for this device will be even more difficult than it is with Motorolas EZX-phones.
The applications appear to be packed in *.elf files, and I found now librarys sounding like they would belong to GTK or QT. I found traces of “Montavista”.. but that isn´t a real surprise.

The kernel, btw. is a 2.4.20, and it´s a TI OMAP 730 based device.

A910 again

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After long time without writing about freeing the A910s WLan, I´m writing again.
No: I wasn´t successfull yet, but if you do nothing, you cannot get it to work – I didn´t spend much time on the problem since my last post.

I wasn´t motivated to do so, don´t ask me why, one point is, that I donated my old one to OpenEZX. Well, maybe there will be even easy to use images for this device some day. The problem is: There is no big community, it doesn´t seem that there are many A910s sold to users, that care about other things then phoning and sms – maybe due to the fact it is sold for small money with BT fusion /UNIK.

After my first attempts to mod the firmware failed, I think that scripting could be the solution. Best thing would be a special scripted application that just frees WLan and creates a route that works for Java apps and Opera, just execute and it works.
The problem is: I don´t know enough about that stuff, Bernard knows more, but he has not enough time to do it.
And as my sundays are completely free this year, I´ll try to work on it every sunday.
What else should I do with that time…

And if this all doesn´t work (maybe even if it does) I´ll get my self an E28 E2831, sold in France as “TWIN tact” by “NEUF”.

New stuff…

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No, it´s not that i have got working W-Lan on my A910 now, but I have got some other news:
This weekend I managed to try out OpenMoko on my A780 via ezx-boot-usb. Works nicely.
And I just bought some new stuff yesterday, some christmas presents for myself: An E680i (i wanted to have this phone since i saw it for the first but it was so hard to get one. And I got myself a new A910, i really don´t understand why these phones are that cheap – with shipping this one will cost me 25 GBP, that´s around 35€, a price you can only get defected Siemens´ and ugly old Nokias for – normally.

Well, OK, Wifi still doesn´t work for browsing. But it will someday.
Maybe you´re asking yourselves, why did this guy buy another one? Well, the outer display of my old one broke without me doing anything. But the rest still works, and so i´m thinking of a donation to OpenEZX project, if they want to have it. I tried to boot some zImages for A1200 and E2, always green screen (except with one image by Alex Zhang), always kernel panic. But i´m not sure, whether my memory card is really working properly, as I was unable to access it from PC yesterday (Win XP, but some errors under Linux, too). Would be really great to have a booting free kernel. Maybe we have and I was to stupid, I´ll try again today or tomorrow…
I think I´ll finally have to setup some crosscompiling toolchain or whatever they call it.

But unfortunately:
The Ubuntu-USBNET bug isn´t fixed yet, I looking for another (live-)distribution (building a new kernel didn´t help), at least I can access my A780 via usbppp. I´ll try to install leoppp on my A910, too – if it works, that´d be enough for the moment.

Short update

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Recently, I did some work on CG44, and tried to flash it into my A910 – size was correct, and no, i did not forget to ad 1000xff file header. But: It didn´t work. After flashing, my phone didn´t start up.

So decided to do these mods i want to do by putting additional files on my memory card (maybe copying them to (at least the most important ones ezxlocal) and then to some scripting, maybe there is a way for autostart.

We´ll see. Greatest probs ATM are not enough time, usbnet broken in Ubuntu Gutsy and sometimes a lack of know how (Google often helps…)

A910 and CGs

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Today I found the time to get back onto A910 modding. I managed to get to know some things, and after writing this I’ll go on with research.

CG names differ from A910 to other devices, they are the same as on some A1200 (newer firmwares, if I got that right). For finding out things I had a look at “ilove3d-48p-ultimate” for E2, and compared the stuff I found there using the SBF-extraction tool you find over at freemod.net, results (compared to A910-R57_G_10.08.07R): CG34/CG37 contents seem to be nearly the same, but as there is no CG41, CG42 is what CG41 is on E2 and so on. That means, that quite important CG43 folder from backup(made with some backup tool for E2 from e2mod.com) (contains main file system…), is CG44 in firmware.
Unfortunately I wasn’t successfull yet on extracting files from E2-CG43/A910-CG44 – I’ll google on that, and I`m pretty sure that someday I might find out how to get this work.

Maybe you remember this:

CG42 contains /usr/setup/, and there is a file called “ezx_wlan.cfg”. Line 4 of this file contains the following text: “WiFiUIConnectUMAN = 1”

After my research today I know why changing this value to zero and flashing it only caused languages to disappear: I flashed it to the wrong position… Shame on me. Now I will have to try this out again.

An eMail with helpful information

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As I haven’t posted here for nearly a month, I will now quote an email I got by a guy I contacted. All copyrights go to him, I haven’t had time to test his explanations, but maybe it helps somebody of you that want their A910 to connect to every wireless network.

I’ll try to make some explainations. We can discuss together in order to
improve the text and make a correct howto we can put on the web…
(contains and form (I’m an old vi dinosaur from 1994 ;) ) + the english,
as it’s not my mother language…)
4 parts: telnetd, swap, wifi and mackconnectivitypack/fake_dsm

1) Telnetd/login
Motorola didn’t install any telnetd nor login. (thanks, Moto :-)
Mount your phone as an usb mass storage, then edit

and set lines as follow (you can install a dummy java application then
adapt the values (IMEI, AppID,…) JavaId must be -1.
AppID = {1bf504e3-a1e3-d1e8-b96a-40f3a7f60087}
Args =
Attribute = 2
BigIcon = inetd.png
Daemon = 0
Directory = /mmc/mmca1/scripts
Eraseable = 1
Exec = inetd_start.lin
FixedAllPosition = 0
FixedPosition = 0
GroupID = ezx
IMEI = 353300010213731
Icon = inetd.png
InstalledDate = 2007/6/6
JavaId = -1
LockValue = 0
MassStorageStatus = 1
MpkgFile =
Name = Inetd_Start.lin
OsVersion = 1.0
Shared = 1
Size = 64K
Type = 2
UserID = ezx
Visible = 1

with /mmc/mmca1/scripts/inetd_start.lin
export QTDIR=/usr/lib/ezx
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/ezxlocal/sbin
export PATH=$PATH:/ezxlocal/sbin
cp -f /mmc/mmca1/sbin/inetd.conf /tmp/inetd.conf
echo -n “Starting internet superserver:”
echo -n ” inetd” ; start-stop-daemon —start —quiet —chuid root
—pidfile /var/run/inetd.pid —exec /mmc/mmca1/sbin/inetd
$my_alert -playvol 1 -playfile $my_mid1

/mmc/mmca1/sbin/inetd.conf contains:
telnet stream tcp nowait root /mmc/mmca1/sbin/in.telnetd
in.telnetd -L /mmc/mmca1/sbin/login

for the in.telnetd daemon, login exec, those from my A780 are ok,
or google search Telnet_Samba_preload.rar on a russian moto site.
A780-AddOns.tgz is also very usefull for login and many more
(was available on the old motorolafan download section, but no more today)
(install without diska
sub-directory, into your mmc card)

Then after a A910 reboot, you see into games, a “Inetd_Start.lin” you
can activate (hear a sound).

you can connect your linux box (A910 usb in modem mode)
usb 4-2: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 4
cdc_acm 4-2:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device
usb 4-2: USB disconnect, address 4
usb 4-2: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 5
see http://www.courville.org/mediawiki/index.php/EZX

echo “AT+mode=13” > /dev/ttyACM0
echo “AT+mode=99” > /dev/ttyACM0
sometimes more than one time (why? :-), until you get something like
this in the kernel message (dmesg):
usb0: register usbnet at usb-0000:00:1d.2-2, pseudo-MDLM (BLAN) device,
usbcore: registered new driver usbnet

ifconfig usb0 netmask mtu 900
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.

MontaVista(R) Linux(R) Consumer Electronics Edition 3.1
Linux/armv5tel 2.4.20_mvlcee31-mainstone_pxa27x

(none) login: root

MontaVista(R) Linux(R) Consumer Electronics Edition 3.1

No directory /root!
Logging in with home = “/”.

I set a more convenient environment with
# /mmc/mmca1/root/start
root@a910 ~ 11:38:16 > cat /mmc/mmca1/root/start
export PATH=$PATH:/mmc/mmca1/.system/bin:/mmc/mmca1/.system/sbin
export EZX_RES_FONT_PATH=/usr/lib/ezx/lib/fonts
eval “`dircolors -b`”
alias ls=’ls —color=auto’
export HOME=/mmc/mmca1/root
cd $HOME
export COLUMNS=150

root@a910 ~ 11:38:22 > cat .bashrc
export PROMPT_COMMAND=’echo -ne “33]0;root@910:${PWD/#$HOME/~}07”’
export PS1=”u@a910 w t > “
export HISTSIZE=100
export HISTCONTROL=ignoreboth
export QTDIR=/usr/lib/ezx
export EZX_RES_FONT_PATH=/usr/lib/ezx/lib/fonts
eval “`dircolors -b`”
alias ls=’ls —color=auto’
export HOME=/mmc/mmca1/root
export COLUMNS=150
. /etc/init.d/ezxenvr.sh
alias scp=’scp -S /mmc/mmca1/.system/bin/ssh -q’
alias sftp=’sftp -S /mmc/mmca1/.system/bin/ssh’
alias l=’ls -l’
alias ..=’cd ..’
alias cp=’cp -v’
alias la=’ls -la’
alias ll=’ls -lA’

Then, I changed the telnetd and login directory, moving from /mmc/mmca1
to /ezxlocal (11Mb internal A910 storage) so telnetd is no more
dependant of the removable microSD.

2) swapspace
I also set a swap space ( no more
available on motorolafan)
in /mmc/mmca1/.system/java/CardRegistry:
AniIcon =
AppID = {793bffb3-96f9-d929-bfd7-84e623c514cf}
Args =
Attribute = 4
BigIcon = swapon.png
Daemon = 0
Directory = /mmc/mmca1/.system/swap
Eraseable = 1
Exec = swapon.lin
FixedAllPosition = 0
FixedPosition = 0
GroupID = ezx
IMEI = 35330001*******
Icon = swapon.png
InstalledDate = 2007/6/13
JavaId = -1
MassStorageStatus = 0
MpkgFile =
Name = Swap_on_off.lin
OsVersion = 1.1
Shared = 2
Size = 386K
Type = 2
UserID = ezx
Visible = 1

root@a910 ~ 12:14:25 > cat /mmc/mmca1/.system/swap/swaponoff.sh
if [ ! -f $SWAPFILE ]; then
gzip -c -d $SWAPFILE
if ! grep $SWAPFILE /proc/swaps; then
swapon $SWAPFILE
swapoff $SWAPFILE
$my_alert -playvol 1 -playfile $my_mid1

3) Wifi
The WIFI connection tool /usr/SYSqtapp/wsp/wlanapp fails everytime (UMA
stuff? Orange or BT limitation? Grrr…) so the solution is to kill the
process when we are connected and continue with normal dhcp request:
see the awful script setwifidhcp.lin:
export PATH=$PATH:/mmc/mmca1/.system/bin:/mmc/mmca1/.system/sbin
export EZX_RES_FONT_PATH=/usr/lib/ezx/lib/fonts
/usr/SYSqtapp/wsp/wlanapp >/ezxlocal/wlanapp.log 2>&1 &
pid=`find /proc/ -name exe -ls 2> /dev/null|grep wlanapp|cut -d/ -f3`
while [ ${connected} -eq 0 ]; do
sleep 2
connected=`grep “Successfully connected to AP”
/ezxlocal/wlanapp.log |wc -l`
kill $pid
kill `cat /ram/tmp/dhcpcd-eth0.pid`
rm /ram/tmp/dhcpcd-eth0.pid
dhcpcd eth0
$my_alert -playvol 1 -playfile $my_mid1

Now, the problem is the setting of the dnsproxy process:
cat /etc/dnsproxy.conf
include /ram/tmp/dsmdns.conf
include /ram/tmp/pppdns.conf

Even when I fix a proper value into /ram/tmp/dsmdns.conf, It’s not taken
into account.
By mounting a writable /etc, I can set a working /etc/resolv.conf

5) mackconnectivitypack/fake_dsm
When the wifi link is ok (see iwconfig eth0) I can access internet with
native application
(ping, telnet,…) but not with web browser, nor native opera nor java
The solution would be to set a fake_dsm route but I did’nt succeed…
I used the dsm_spy from clovisKKK to adapt the fake_dsm code, as
suggested in the thread


As you can easily see, there is still a lot of work to do, and I have to say, I’d prefer to modify the firmware and flash it into the device to get things working without lots of dirty hacks not everybody is able to perform.

Motorola A910 – Checking out firmware

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[Introduction: Motorola A910 is a linux phone which has got Wlan for UMA purposes. The problem with this Wlan is, that it only works with certain networks. As (most) software for Motorola E2 works, I checked out lots of sites to learn about modifying firmware.]

Yesterday I started to work on A910 again, after I was off for a week, meeting parents and grandparents. As I luckily found someone, who gave me some firmware files for A910, I extracted the codegroups and had a look at them on linux. The probably most interesting one is CG43, as it contains the main file system, /bin/, /lib/, SYSqtapp – but I’ll get back to this in some days, when I have my phone flashed to an own firmware, which I want to include some of the modifications some freaks made for Motorola ROKR E2. But this might take some time, as I have to prepare for some exams at university.

CG42 contains /usr/setup/, and there is a file called “ezx_wlan.cfg”. Line 4 of this file contains the following text:

WiFiUIConnectUMAN = 1

Maybe changing the value here is an easy way to full wlan-connectivity. I’ll try, as soon as I am sure how to do that without killing the handset.

Hello World!

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This is my first post – I am a german guy, who likes linux-powered mobile phones a lot and due to this, some of these phones will be the subject here.

I had a blog over at some other place before, but it is gone now, unfortunately. If the hoster sends me my old texts, I will import them in here.