Apple introduces the iPhone 4S

Apple held an event to announce its latest iOS products today. As these products are still market leaders, this certainly is an important day for the whole mobile computing industry.

Many people expected a new iPhone 5, changing a lot. With me being far from being an Apple fanboy (I like the culture they bring in their products and love the fact that they announce late so that it doesn´t take ages from announcement to delivery), I was hoping for a new impulse to the smartphone market, not really knowing, what exactly I was hoping for, maybe I was just hoping for something great because it took Apple so long to get this new iPhone out.

Unfortunately, this didn´t happen. Apple just announced the iPhone 4S, a spec bumped iPhone 4 – new 8MP camera (impressing!), Apple A5 chipset (dual core is flagship standard nowadays), new dual mode chipset (nice for US people), new 64GB storage option. Aside from software news (which are interesting and certainly change iOS a lot), that´s it.

After all I don´t know whether there´s a reason for disappointment: We´ll see an iPhone 5 or 6 next year, probably in June already, and that thing might “change everything again”, as Apple will likely put it. What I know is that there is disappointment out there – I tweeted this, and considering the extremely low follower count this blog has, it was retweeted really often (you´ve got to add a large number of RT´s and ” ” quotes).