A Start

While it would be common to post a simple “Hello, World!” I am not in the mood to do so, though I am really happy to finally start something that I stopped believing in several days before the starting point I had originally scheduled, months ago. A new year is a landmark, in a way at least, it helps you to change things, because you can say: Well, the old year is dead and rotting, tabula rasa, so let´s start again and make it (the world, perhaps?) better.

A start. What is started? I am thinking of this as a new blog, a personal blog. I do not aim to make this the 577th engadget or something alike, and time has almost prooved, that I am unable to write a magazine or something alike. I will cover, whatever I like, from feelings to gadgets, from unicorns to scyscrapers, from ants to choclate paper, stuff that might matter and stuff that does not, as the name of this new non product implies. And I will cover it in what ever language I like, most likely english or german, the latter being my beloved mother tongue. But in case I should bother learning some more languages or getting back to those I once learned and since then mostly forgot, you might read these languages here as well.

Who is starting? A person, not a machine, to be more precise a human being, male, aged 24, living in a capital of a northern german state.

Let´s see where is going to lead – Nothing is ready yet, if anything will ever be, and I am probably more excited than you are where this is going to lead.