Computex 2013: And the winner is: Intel

There is not much to write about this years Computex, as almost every news has spread a thousand times throughout the web. This is thus more a personal note: Intel have finally managed to win quite a few smartphone and tablet designs, and at the same time they have managed to really lower the consumption of their performance platform with “Haswell”. Finally, thin, light, powerful and long lasting mobile computing solutions are possible. Thumbs up!

One simple example that could help newspapers to monetize on the web

Today I stumbled upon yet another example that shows how newspapers could easily make money by selling their content on the web: Make your printed articles available behind your paywall, too; and make it obvious for print readers too what the very link would be (via a shorted url or a code). I would certainly pay 0.50€ for one article1, if the mention on the web is interesting to me, but I would never buy the whole edition (digitally or printed) for that one article. And I bet that others would, too.

  1. assuming a price around 2.00€/edition []


wollte ich dieses Tumblr-Dings ja vor allem auf Deutsch füllen. Habe aber in den letzten 12 Stunden eine enorm hohe Dosis “Yes, Minister!” konsumiert. Vielleicht schaffe ich es aber, die Sprache wieder zu wechseln. Abwarten. 

(abgelegt unter: “Langweiligster und sinnlosester Eintrag bislang”)