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Motorola Droid 4 und LG G2
Droid 4 trumps the LG G2

Im November 2013 habe ich mir zum bislang letzten Mal ein neues Smartphone gekauft. Es handelt sich um ein LG G2. Seitdem sind einige neue Geräte erschienen (ja, jetzt bald ist wieder Mobile World Congress, die Geräte-Schwemme hat schon erste Vorab-“Leaks” erfahren), aber auch wenn ich zuvor über Jahre ständig zu viel Geld für allerlei Smartphones ausgegeben habe, musste ich bald feststellen, dass das schnelle Wechseln plötzlich keinen Sinn mehr machte. Ja, das LG G3 ist schon ein bisschen besser, aber irgendwie nicht so richtig (wer braucht diese Display-Auflösung, und warum ist das Ding noch größer?). Samsung rühre ich aus Gründen (TouchWiz, Hardwaredesign) nicht an, HTC verbaute 4 Megapixel-Kameras und die Gehäuse sind im Vergleich zum verbauten Display zu groß.
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On iPad. And tablets in general.

This weekend I finally decided to de-jailbreak my iPad 2 and get iOS 6 onto it. A dumb idea, as it turns out, as this de-jailbreaking makes the iPad even more inconvenient. It’s not that the Jailbreak made it so much better, but it offered a few features like the “Quick Settings” in the Notification area, that are really missing once you have ever had them. (In fact, I miss them even more, as I disabled 3G before flashing using these settings, and now can’t enable it again).

Lately, I like my hacked Nook Simple Touch a lot more as a tablet than my iPad. It’s not only significantly smaller and lighter, the smaller size is still a definite improvement over a smartphone. And on Android, you are just so much more free, you can use simple stuff like a file manager to get your stuff on and off the device. That’s the great thing about Android: In most cases, you’ll find a work around around stupid restrictions imposed on you by the manufacturer that is rather simple.

(via VIA bringt den Android PC – Hands-On Video › Netbooknews – Mobile Computing Blog)

While I always liked VIA (mostly because they have always been an underdog) I don’t think that this thing is more promising than the Raspberry Pi – it’s only ARM11, too. If you are waiting for a cheap ARM Cortex A8 based similar system, wait for the recently surfaced but now sold out USB stick like Boxchip A10 based systems.

Android made Java-free thanks to ‘XobotOS’ project, but what are the legal implications? | The Verge

Android made Java-free thanks to ‘XobotOS’ project, but what are the legal implications? | The Verge

Tiny-Droid: Installing Android On The HP Veer (by pocketnowvideo)

This is really interesting: A port of Android to webOS hardware. Surely, most HP/Open webOS enthusiasts would totally prefer this happening the other way round, but still it’s great to see an almost working port created by nice folks from China. The best bit: You’ve got the good old webOS gestures!

If you want to install this on your HP Veer (it does not replace webOS (dual boot installation), check the above linked source of the video or the project page.

Something I missed: Some Tizen devices will be able to run Android apps, thanks to a compatability layer by Open Mobile. This likely won’t be a feature on every Tizen device, as it’s likely one of the few proprietary solutions to achieve that that have been shown with webOS, Maemo and MeeGo before. Unfortuntely the creators of these solutions always tried to sell it to device makers (OEMs), and none aside from BlackBerry (on the Playbook) decided to something like that yet with their devices (likely to get people to develop for their own platform.